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Welcome to The Blind Peak Website


Hello, my name is Michael, A.K.A. Thunderbird. Blind Peak Just a Little Horse Ranch offers miniature horse therapy for all people with special needs to help with motor functions, psychological and emotional growth.

It is already listed as a Non-Profit organization. It is a Little Horse Ranch where individuals of all ages with special needs and their immediate families may go to stay for a time for the therapy that the miniature horse can offer here in the peace and quiet of Lake Ray Roberts. It will be a great way to get away from the restrictions that individuals of the special needs community are faced with. It also offers an opportunity at Blind Peak for us to learn how to cope with those distractions.

I myself am blind by the disease retinitus-pigmentosa, this disease slowly removes the pigment from your eyes until it fully eliminates all vision starting from the perrifeals. Therefore I feel the same challenges that the special needs community and visually impaired individuals feel and want to share with others how i have stepped through this darkness and allow us all to a achieve our goals. Please, we welcome you to join us and become part of the blind peak team.  

This project needs YOUR help and all we ask for is a little piece of your heart. To learn more, go to our "Who We Are" page located on THIS SITE, or you can call me, Thunderbird at my conference line, Blind Peak Chat, By calling you are donating! 1-712-432-6432

You will find me, Michael AKA Thunderbird, in live rooms, ext. 1#

All donations are greatly appreciated.

Please send all cash donations to P.O. Box 352 Sanger Tx. 76266 Thank You!

Sincerely, Thunderbird